The history of Redbox (Redbox Automated Retail LLC) began in 2004 when the company used second hand and re-branded kiosks to rent DVD’s to customers. The kiosks were placed in McDonald’s Restaurants in Denver, CO. McDonald’s Ventures, a subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation, originally funded Redbox. The kiosks were then placed in Washington D.C. in convenience stores. In April of 2005 Redbox worked with Solectron (manufacturer of X-Box) to design and manufacture a kiosk made especially for Redbox. Coinstar bought 47% of Redbox in 2005 and in February of 2009 they bought the remainder of Redbox from McDonald’s and other shareholders for about $170 million dollars. They currently have more locations than Blockbuster and have rented well over 100 million movies.

Redbox kiosks have a simple touch screen and an automated disk array system that allow customers to easily select a movie and take it home for rental in a short amount of time. They have a computerized real-time system that knows what movies are in stock allowing customers to reserve a movie on-line. They hold 600 DVD’s, usually between 70 and 200 different movie titles are in each kiosk. The movies are rotated every week to ensure customers are receiving the latest DVD releases. The DVD’s rented can be returned at the kiosk the next day. The history of Redbox is interesting and the kiosks have become a popular way to rent DVD’s while completing another errand at the same time, such as grocery shopping or getting gas at a convenience store. 

DVD kiosks for sale on Craigslist now range in price from under $1,000 to $6,000. There are usually a few for sale where the sellers are willing to listen to reasonable offers. The reasons for them being for sale are sometimes unknown; however, there are others that let potential buyers know they have to exit the business. As with all items on Craigslist, people looking for used DVD kiosks for sale will need to look on the website from time to time to see what is available. There are some sellers that have more than one for sale which can be an advantage to individuals wanting to start a business with a few locations. Some sellers are willing to deliver the kiosk/s for sale to the buyer.

Here is a list of states that have DVD kiosk Machines like Redbox for sale on Craigslist; Montgomery Alabama, Helena Montana, Juneau Alaska, Lincoln Nebraska, Phoenix Arizona, Carson City Nevada, Little Rock Arkansas, Concord New Hampshire, Sacramento California, Trenton New Jersey, Denver Colorado, Santa Fe New Mexico, Hartford Connecticut, Albany New York, Dover Delaware, Raleigh North Carolina, Tallahassee Florida, Bismarck North Dakota, Atlanta Georgia, Columbus Ohio, Honolulu Hawaii, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Boise Idaho, Salem Oregon, Springfield Illinois, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Indianapolis Indiana, Providence Rhode Island, Des Moines Iowa, Columbia South Carolina, Topeka Kansas, Pierre South Dakota, Frankfort Kentucky, Nashville Tennessee, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Austin Texas, Augusta Maine, Salt Lake City Utah, Annapolis Maryland, Montpelier Vermont, Boston Massachusetts, Richmond Virginia, Lansing Michigan, Olympia Washington, Saint Paul Minnesota, Charleston West Virginia, Jackson Mississippi, Madison Wisconsin, Jefferson City Missouri and Cheyenne Wyoming. Kiosk prices will vary depending on the location.

By using the internet and websites like Craigslist and the yellow pages a person can find DVD kiosks for sale from several different suppliers. There are new and used DVD kiosks available in various brands on Craigslist. Some of the kiosks are available for rent and others will customize the machine’s to fit a buyers needs. Most designs are based on the original Redbox DVD kiosk model.